Progressive Resilience Development Programme

Maintain your personal resilience

We are proud to present series of four 45 minute digitally delivered workshops that will build personal resilience and help with the challenges ahead.

Starting with the key essentials in resilience development, sharing insights and practical tips that can be instantly used.  We will progress to introduce recent findings in the sciences relating to the brain and how it can thrive in challenges.

This programme will give you the resilience boost you need for the challenging 6 months ahead.

Progressive Resilience Development Programme

1) Developing Resilience & Navigating Through Uncertainty

We will introduce the key elements required to adjust to the new working world and how to drive up your resilience after periods of challenge and depletion.

Coping with uncertainty and ambiguity will be a key feature, as will be maintaining perspective and thinking positively in the moment – especially – when considering the future.

Emotional agility and how you can adapt to ever changing rules and environments will be a topic of focus.

2) Bouncing Back

This session will introduce the key principles and skills in developing grit, how to recover from setbacks and how to bounce back in a healthy way.

The focus here will be to ensure you ‘bounce forward’ in a sustainable way that creates long term self-care routines and good mental health. Recovery and adjusting your habits are one of the fundamental parts of how you bounce forward and cope with future challenges.

3) Harnessing Stress & Being ‘Brainsmart’

We will take a helpful look at stress and how to understand the early signs, so as to enable you to be more proactive and use stress to a positive effect.

Taking some of the basic but vital components around stress and the body,  we will equip you with the key skills to cope with the unexpected and unwanted surprises.  How to work and channel ‘energy stress’ ‘to effective use.

This session will also integrate some of the recent findings in neuroscience and how your brain works in responding to stress.

4) "Fog & Frazzle" - Keeping a Clear Head & Developing New Routines

With the new world of work come new routines, yet we seem to be applying our old methods to a new environment. This causes confusion, frustration and often exhaustion. Further, it sets off threat responses that result in unwanted stress and ultimately lowers your performance and productivity.

We look at the most helpful ways to adjust to this and how to optimise your brain’s response, your thoughts and your emotions. We offer a sense check on these old routines, whilst offering insights to new and sustainable ways of working.

Carwyn Jones

Whilst the First-Minister of Wales and Leader of the Welsh Labour party, Carwyn has faced many challanges and a continually changing landscape.

We will tap into his extensive leadership experiences and see how he applies his resilience techniques, at times of stress and anxiety, in order to make a reasoned and measured decision.

Private Programmes

A private and personalised presentation with a live Q & A is available. Please contact for further details.
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